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Trip to Nagarjuna Sagar

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We took the Enfield out for the weekend to Nagajuna Sagar in Andhra Pradesh, south east of Hyderabad. It’s a huge man made reservoir with a gigantic hydro-electric dam created to generate electricity for the region – 150m tall and 16km long. We experienced some crazy overtaking by road kings, big lorries actually run each other off the road into the nearby dirt. We didn’t see any crocodiles as the sign warned but I did see a family of monkeys running across the road and lots and lots of goats. The area was probably the most beautiful we’ve seen in India so far, though the hotel was a bit grim with pillows sprinkled with dead insects. You can’t have everything though.

Enfield at the Temple

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My Royal Enfield Thunderbird arrived on Monday and I had a GPS and luggage rack fitted for touring. The only thing left before the trip is to have it blessed at a Hindu Temple.  This picture is after the ceremony in front of the Temple.

Massive Baby

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So, in Vizag they have these awful plastic sculptures by the beach. The best one in my opinion was this massive baby.  I like how its colour makes it look like it’s been smoking fags since it was born.

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Apologies everyone for my childish humour. Posters like this are more common than you can imagine.

Defence Food

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India is defended by a bunch of kid ninjas and this is the defence only food that keeps them strong.

Gigantic Gods

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Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati sitting 40ft tall. They look pretty cool and were in a park in a place nicknamed Vizag on the east coast.



I finally found a climbing club in Hyderabad and joined them for the first time bouldering. I had to wake up at 5am and we spent around 3 hours trying several problems. This was the first time I’ve been properly bouldering outside. The stone is very sharp and there isn’t much grip. You are basically only hanging from you finger tips, and mine weren’t very appreciative. After 24 hours I still can feel their pain from just typing! I’m hoping to go again soon, and meet them at their regular climbing wall.

The club is called the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club where they also do tonnes of other activities.



As you can see, Manderson is worshipped in India in the form of a golden statue.  If he came to India it would be just like the scene from Return of the Jedi, where the Ewoks rejoiced when they met C3PO.


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There’s a Hindu Religious festival coming soon and the preparations are already on their way. This is the Elephant God Ganesh. The wooden scaffolding is common in all the construction I’ve seen so far. It’s springy when you go on it.


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Outside my work at the bottom of the hill where water likes to collect. No one seemed to mind the mini lake. It had stopped raining but there’s no drainage on the roads (non that I can see anyway).